The celebration will be held at the usual meeting spot, the Ramkota Hotel in the South Ballroom at 6:00 PM.


Our Rotary Club needs pictures of every current Rotarian for two upcoming purposes. If your picture is not in the current membership booklet or if you have joined Rotary since the last edition of our membership book or if you just want your old picture updated, please put these dates on your calendar to get your picture taken. These individual pictures will be taken before and during our regular Rotary meetings on Monday, December 10th and Monday, January 14, 2019, from 11:30 am - 12:15 pm.

The purpose of these pictures is twofold - 1) For inclusion in our upcoming May, 2019 Rotary Club of Casper 100th anniversary edition in the Casper Star Tribune, we intend to have a full double page ad including the picture of every Rotarian to show our community "who we are", and 2) For inclusion in the next membership book when it is published in the future.

Thank you in advance

Jim Porter
Chairman of the Rotary Centennial Marketing & Advertising Committee